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tower loan harassment

One possible title could be: How to Stop Harassment from Tower Loan: Understanding Your Rights and Taking Action

tower loan harassment


Harassment is a common issue that can occur in various settings, including personal and professional environments. Unfortunately, even in the financial industry, harassment can still occur, and one company that has been subject to allegations of harassment is Tower Loan. In this article, we will discuss the issue of Tower Loan harassment and the steps that can be taken to address and prevent such behavior.

What is Tower Loan Harassment?

Tower Loan is a finance company that offers personal loans and other financial services to its customers. However, in recent years, the company has faced numerous lawsuits and allegations of harassment from its employees and clients. Tower Loan harassment can take various forms, including sexual, racial, and verbal harassment. This kind of behavior creates a hostile work environment and makes it difficult for employees to thrive. Additionally, customers who experience harassment from Tower Loan employees may also have a negative perception of the company.

Understanding Types of Harassment at Tower Loan

1. Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment is a pervasive issue in the workplace and can occur at Tower Loan. It can include unwanted physical contact, sexual advances, and inappropriate comments or jokes. Furthermore, this type of harassment can also occur online, such as through emails or social media messages. It is essential to note that sexual harassment is not just limited to male employees harassing female employees, but it can also happen between individuals of the same gender.

2. Racial Harassment:

Racial harassment is another form of discriminatory behavior that can occur at Tower Loan. It involves treating an individual differently because of their race, nationality, or ethnic background. Racial harassment can take various forms, including racial slurs, jokes, or derogatory comments. It not only creates a negative work environment but also violates an individual's right to a discrimination-free workplace.

3. Verbal Harassment:

Verbal harassment is another common type of harassment that can occur at Tower Loan. It involves using words or actions to belittle, intimidate, or humiliate an individual. This behavior can include insults, name-calling, or making fun of someone's appearance or background. Verbal harassment can be damaging to an individual's self-esteem and can make them feel unsafe in their workplace.

How to Address Harassment at Tower Loan

1. Report the Incident:

The first step in addressing harassment at Tower Loan is to report the incident to the appropriate authority. Employees can report the incident to their managers, HR department, or a designated harassment officer. It is essential to document the incident in writing and provide any evidence that may support the claim, such as screenshots or witness statements. Tower Loan has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, and employees should feel comfortable reporting these incidents without fear of retaliation.

2. Conduct an Investigation:

Once an incident of harassment is reported, Tower Loan must conduct a thorough investigation. This includes interviewing all parties involved and any witnesses. The company should also review any evidence and take appropriate disciplinary actions if necessary. It is crucial for Tower Loan to take these reports seriously and ensure a fair and unbiased investigation.

3. Provide Training and Education:

Tower Loan can also prevent harassment by providing employees with training and education on appropriate workplace behavior. This could include workshops and seminars on diversity and sensitivity training. It is essential to create a culture of respect and inclusivity within the company to prevent incidents of harassment from occurring.

4. Establish Clear Policies and Procedures:

Tower Loan should also have clear policies and procedures in place to address harassment effectively. These policies should outline what behavior is considered harassment and the steps that will be taken if a complaint is reported. It is important for these policies to be accessible and well-communicated to all employees.


Harassment at Tower Loan is a significant issue that needs to be addressed and prevented. By understanding the types of harassment that can occur and taking appropriate actions, Tower Loan can create a safer and more inclusive workplace for its employees and provide a better experience for its customers. Harassment has no place in any workplace, and it is crucial for companies like Tower Loan to take a stand against it.

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